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Liz Mellor Yoga Welcomes You

It’s Time for Yoga

Welcome to Liz Mellor Yoga!   Here you’ll find all you need to book onto my classes.  I am passionate about providing classes that will challenge, motivate and rejuvenate you.  Most of my classes are held at the beautiful village hall in Boston Spa, details on the booking page.


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A Little More About Me

A Yoga Instructor based in Boston Spa, on the outskirts of Leeds, my main goal is to lead others down the long path of discovery that yoga provides. Whether you want to move your body, reach spiritual growth, or be more present, I know you’ll benefit from my practice.

Having first discovered yoga in California in 2002, my practice became firmly embedded in more recent years, and having the chance to share all that I’ve learned along the way with students fills me with joy. Something I know for sure is that everyone could use more yoga in their lives.

Thank you Liz for being so amazing!  I would recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their posture and strength.  As well as the physical benefits, I find the classes relaxing and beneficial to my mental well-being.


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Liz Mellor

Lynton Avenue

Boston Spa

LS23 6BL

07939 066052

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